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Playing Pickleball in Maui, Stunning!

At least for me, now is about the time I start planning that warm weather vacation trip or have booked it and now are putting together the fun itinerary! Of course the islands of Hawaii come up for us a lot as they are easy to get to from where we live and super tropical and warm!

Last year we planned a trip to Maui, and of course I love playing pickleball when I travel and meeting all the other pickleballers across the globe, that I went on a search for somewhere to play! Wow, I had no idea you could play pickleball in such a beautiful place, with picturesque landscapes as a back drop, and warm and friendly players!

I had contacted Pickleball Maui a month prior to going. Lori, who answered my email, was gracious to make sure that we had people to play with the day that we wanted to rent the pickleball court. She said she would round up several players and asked what my skill level was to ensure I had a fun time! Who does that these days? Wants to make sure you have others to play with and have a good time, I was so excited.

We were staying on the opposite side of island where Pickleball Maui's court is located, so we made a day out of it exploring Maui's beautiful UpCountry. So worth every minute of this day trip. The private court is nestled in the lush country side surrounded by macadamia nut, avocado, plumeria, puakenikeni and mgambo trees in beautiful Kula, Maui. We played a couple hours and could have kept on playing we had some much fun. The smells, the vibrancy, the stunning beauty was so cool to be surrounded by while having fun playing pickleball. You cannot go wrong if you visit Lori and Pickleball Maui. Lori was so great and played with us as well. Here's a pic of Lori and I on her court surrounded by breathtaking lush landscapes.

Pickleball Court in Maui

Thinking of your next warm weather vacation and looking to play pickleball in a unique location? Make sure you add Pickleball Maui to your list!!!

You can find Pickleball Maui here:

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