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Converting a tennis court to a pickleball court, great for travelling!

Pickleball Court Tennis to Pickleball Court Conversion

As several of us are travelling for the Holidays or seeking warm weather vacations during the frigid months, always remember to pack your pickleball paddles and a few balls. Every time I travel I always make sure I bring a couple of pickleball paddles, balls, at 25 feet tape measure and a few pieces of sidewalk chalk, because I always run across a tennis court and people who are interested in playing.

Most larger and many smaller resorts or condominiums have tennis courts that you can convert into a pickleball court with minimal work! Make sure you bring a 25 foot tape measure and a few pieces of sidewalk chalk and you are set! 

Here's how to convert that tennis court into a pickleball court quickly:

1) The center of a tennis court net is 36", if there is a center strap tie it down so the center of the net is 34". If there is no strap no biggy, it will still be great!

2) For the sidelines of the pickleball court measure in 3.5 feet in from the singles line at the net and at the service lines of the tennis court. Make a hash mark at each point to connect the dots. Take your tape measure and line it up with the two marks you just made, putting the end of your tape measure at the net and going to 22 feet. Draw a line, using the tape measure as a ruler, hold the tape down as you go, to make the line as straight as possible. At 7 feet make a hash mark to mark you non-volley zone line. Make a mark at 22 feet to line up your base line. Do this same line on the same side of the net on the opposite side of the court for your other sideline. (See diagram below)

3) To create the baseline, take your tape measure and line it up with the ends of your two sidelines, at 22 feet. This line should measure approximately 20 feet in length and be about 1 foot off the service line. Draw a line with your chalk using the tape measure as your ruler. (See diagram below)

4) Extend the center line on the tennis court to meet the new baseline for your pickleball court. (Minor step, but helps with close service line calls and beginners)

6) To create the non-volley zone line, take your tape measure and line it up with your two marks you made at 7 feet on each sideline. Draw your line with the chalk. This line should also measure 20 feet in length when done. (See diagram below)

6) Repeat on the other side of the net for the other half of your pickleball court.

Pickleball Court Conversion

*Photo courtesy of USA Pickleball Association


This takes a short amount of time to have an almost perfect place to play pickleball. Make sure to clear chalking the court with management where you are playing. The nice thing about chalk, it's not permanent and will not leave residue like court tape in some extremely hot climates.

Happy Pickleballing where ever life takes you!

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