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We Are Passionate About Pickleball

Joe Trinidad and Theresa Trinidad co-founded Smash Pickleball based on their love of pickleball. Their mission is to spread this beloved sport through selling pickleball equipment, creating leagues, and teaching pickleball through lessons and clinics. The love of the game began as a family past-time where generations were able to play each other, have fun, laugh and be active, and now they would like to pass this on to you.

Joe (who is Theresa's Uncle) and Theresa (who is Joe's niece) were reminiscing over how the family would get together and have backyard BBQs and play pickleball all day. Most of the family had pickleball courts in their backyards, and would play hours and hours of pickleball, since the family is, and still remains, very competitive. Joe and Theresa decided they wanted to share their favorite past time with you all, so Smash Pickleball was founded. Pickleball is a great way to enjoy a sport that many athletic abilities and ages can play. It is exciting to see this sport take off and Joe and Theresa are sincerely excited to share their passion of pickleball with you.

Be on the lookout for Joe and Theresa as they begin to create a community inspired by the sport. With offices located in Auburn, WA and Seattle WA, they plan to visit many regions in the Puget Sound area. They have begun an amazing presence online and want to continue their presence offline as well. Make sure to sign-up for the Smash Pickleball newsletter to find out what Joe and Theresa are up to!

Smash Pickleball Co-Founders