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Join Our Indoor Pickleball Tournament!

We know you are all excited to keep playing pickleball but the weather can be a challenge. So I hope you’ll join us for our Smash Pickleball indoor tournament series for players of all levels. For these events you will need to sign-up with a dedicated partner. Each division will have a round-robin style format where your team will play against all other teams. The teams earning the most points will win Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals!! This event is sure to be a lot of fun. To ensure the health and safety of our participants we will implement strict COVID safety procedures which are outlined below. In addition, we have chosen an indoor venue that has large garage doors next to the courts which we will open to maximize air ventilation. 


  • Redmond Tennis Club - 10600 231st Way NE, Suite B, Redmond, WA 98053


  • $90 per team / $45 per person.

Tournament Divisions and Dates:


Start Time



11:00 AM

Sign-up 3.5 / 4.0 Women 


2:00 PM

Sign-up 4.5 / 5.0 Women


5:00 PM

Sign-up 4.5 / 5.0 Men


11:00 AM

Sign-up 2.0 / 2.5 All Genders


2:00 PM

Sign-up 3.0 All Genders


5:00 PM

Sign-up 3.5 / 4.0 Men



What ball will we be playing with?

  • 2.0 - 4.0 levels will play Franklin X
  • 4,5 and above will play Dura

Can I sign up for more than one tournament?

  • Yes, as long as it matches your level of play.

Do I need to sign up with a partner?

  • Yes, you will sign up as a team. One team member will take point to sign up and pay on behalf of both team members.

What if I don’t have a partner?

  • You are welcome to reach out to to help you find a partner. If you are worried about missing out on a spot, you can sign up and pay for your team upfront and then we can help you find a partner.

For the all-gender divisions, can I play with any partner? 

  • Yes, you can have a team with any gender combination. 

What are your Covid protocols?

  • Redmond Tennis Club will be operating at under 50% capacity and is strictly following Governor Inslee’s guidelines on how many people are allowed in a space.

  • While this is technically an indoor facility, we will open the 3 garage doors next to courts 3 and 4 to provide significant outdoor airflow while players are on court.

  • All players are required to wear a mask in the facility.

  • Extra masks and sanitizer will be available at the registration desk

  • Hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies will be provided next to each court.

  • We will sanitize all balls

  • If a player uses a bench, they are required to spray and sanitize the equipment and benches they used with the sanitizer located on the court.

  • Players are allowed and encouraged to bring their own fold-up chairs to the courts.

  • All players, spectators, and staff must maintain proper social distance from one another throughout the duration of their time in the building.

  • Spectators are not allowed to gather in the lobby.

  • Restrooms are open to players and staff - showers are closed.

  • Bringing your own water bottle is strongly encouraged

  • A touchless water fountain is located outside the courts

Will you host more tournaments?

  • Our goal is to continue to host events throughout the winter as long as there is demand for these types of events and as long as we can do so in a safe manner.


Player List


Partner Name 1

Partner Name 2

3/6/2021 Tournament - Skill 4.5/5.0 Women's Doubles

Ashley Koo

Miok Lee

Faye Lock

Karina Chau

Jamila Melius

Maya Cormier

Ruth  Hunt

Jo Gries

Shu-Fen Huang

Loan Bui

Brooke Berry

Heather Gelston


3/6/2021 Tournament - Skill 4.5/5.0 Men's Doubles

Alex Fox 

Max Manthou


David Ruan

Glen Peterson

Dan Milgrom

Diego Revelo

Devin Shoquist

Devin Schmidt

Joseph So

Joaquin Flores

Michael Enright

Samuel Koo

Ming Lin

Rick Dillon

Noah Zwiren

Josh Harvey

Phil Raschke

Randy Anderson

Sean Coen

Ezra Shyam

Sorin Bojica

Gunnar Gordon

Clayton Truex

Calvin Towey

Brian Gelston

Lukas Crippen

 Jim Bouchard

Bryce Ogren

3/6/2021 Tournament - Skill 3.5/4.0 Women's Doubles

Jennifer Kelley

Geri Urbas

Kelly James

Jillian Peterson

Tisha Johnson 

Heather Tracy

Karla Mortenson

Amylou Baird

Paige Newman

Emily Stonge

Janet Moore

Jamie McEwan

Mary Rorvik 

Mary Palarino

Marcella Scott

Madeleine Kim

Denise Stutts

Kristen Sexton


Holly Schramm

Karen Thomas


3/20/2021 Tournament - Skill 3.5 / 4.0 Men's Doubles

Arthur Lim

Kyle Jacobson

Craig Lundgren

Jhonathan Franco

Edward Roque

David Tran

Frank Chiappone

John Lui

Gerald Omar Ongoco

Jason Bediones

Hans Foster

Carlos Romero

Jack Smith

Alex Katz

Michael McCone

Graham Smith

Nicholas Solimano

Fiachra O’dea

Steve Balch

Jeff Dye

Tim Roush

Arthur Bryant

Todd Wine

Curtis Williams

Greg Huang

Peng Hsiao


Vamshi Nuka



James Owen

Andrew Roetcisoender


Michael Winney

David Rosser


3/20/2021 Tournament - Skill 3.0 All Genders

Anna Asghar

Eyung Gov

Cara Mathison

Pamela Faulkner

Cathy Beller

Mary Grahn

Dan Landes

Angela Deppe

Debra West

Vicki Clark

Hannah Waler

JR Rea

Jason Bediones

Jessica Fabroa

Julie Beller

Linda Fane

Amy Gutman

Karla Mortenson

Keena Kaye

Anna Dowd

Lorin Lee

Omar Ongoco

Matthew  Boe

Hannah Renken

Michael  Rivera 

Jerry Kenyon

Morgan Roush

Sue Davenport

Pauline Roush

Kim Hemingway 

Alicia Sellsted 

Denise Blohowiak



3/20/2021 Tournament - Skill 2.0 / 2.5 All Genders

Kathy Mahan

Robert Raab

Shara Stevens

Brooklyn Dicent

Carol Sorbie-backus

mary giordano

Cheryl Robertson

Terri K Walters

Forrest Bibeau

Amber Bibeau

Hannah Renken

Jessica Fabroa

JoAnne Bastian

wendi Racine

Joe Kelley

Jenna Kelley

Jordan Baldwin

Libby Baldwin

Kristin Malone

Ryan Malone

Lee Haworth

Bumper Mennen

Lorin Lee

Jinah Yi

Peggy Pullen

Josephine Wong

Allison Scott

Greg Scott

Vickie Arsenault

Ed Arsenault

Tim McGinnis

Jeannie McGinnis


Skill Level Descriptions:

2.0 / 2.5
This player is getting to know the fundamentals. Knows the rules and scoring. Has a growing understanding of proper court positioning. They are developing more consistency on basic strokes such as serve, return, and volleys. They are typically comfortable driving the ball but they have limited proficiency with advanced techniques such as the soft game which includes 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking.

This player may have started playing tournaments and may possess a 3.0 USAPA rating. They are building their knowledge of optimal court positioning and are developing greater consistency in their strokes. They can effectively serve, return, and drive the ball and are starting to expand their soft game skills to include 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking.

3.5 / 4.0
This person likely plays tournaments and typically has a 3.5 or 4.0 USAPA rating. They know how to drive the ball effectively but also regularly integrates the soft game such as 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking. They know when to attack as well as how and when to defend. They understand advanced strategies and possess a solid level of control in their game.

4.5 – 5.0
This player has a USAPA rating of 4.5 or 5.0. They have been actively playing regional and national USAPA tournaments at these levels. Strong understanding of strategy and can adjust their style of play according to the opponent’s strengths, weaknesses and court position. Very comfortable playing both a hard and soft game. Effectively executes advanced strokes such as 3rd and 5th shot drops as well as defensive blocking. They are comfortable with employing “Stacking” in their game. They possess a high level of patience and makes very few unforced errors. Communicates and moves well with partner.