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Join Our Outdoor Pickleball Round Robin Tournaments!

There will be events for every level! And… As always, both men and women can sign up for any event as long as they are the correct level.

 Tournament Format

Each tournament will have a round-robin style format, where you will accumulate points playing with (and against) each of the other players. Top point-getters will win Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals!! These events are sure to be a lot of fun!

Location: Miller Community Center Outdoor Courts - 330 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

Skill Level Descriptions:

This player understands fundamentals. Knows the rules and scoring. Has a growing understanding of proper court positioning. They are developing more consistency on basic strokes such as serve, return, and volleys. They are typically comfortable driving the ball but they have modest proficiency with advanced techniques such as the soft game which includes 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking.

This player has started playing tournaments and possesses a 3.0 USAPA rating. They are building their knowledge of optimal court positioning and are developing greater consistency in their strokes. They can effectively serve, return, and drive the ball and are expanding their soft game skills to include 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking.

This person plays tournaments and has a 3.5 USAPA rating. They know how to drive the ball effectively but also regularly integrates the soft game such as 3rd shot drops and consistent dinking. They know when to attack as well as how and when to defend. They understand advanced strategies and possess a strong level of control in their game.

4.0 - 4.5
This player has a USAPA rating of 4.0 or 4.5. They have been actively playing USAPA tournaments at this level. Strong understanding of strategy and can adjust their style of play according to the opponent’s strengths, weaknesses and court position. Very comfortable playing both a hard and soft game. Effectively executes advanced strokes such as 3rd and 5th shot drops as well as defensive blocking. They are comfortable with employing “Stacking” in their game. They possess a high level of patience and makes very few unforced errors. Communicates and moves well with partner.

Tournament Divisions and dates are below:


Can I sign up for more than one tournament?

  • Yes as long as it matches your level of play.

Will you take precautions related to Covid?

  • Absolutely! Just like at our summer league we will We will have the whole venue reserved to ensure ample space. And we will have masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc… on hand. Full details will be shared prior to the tournament.

Do I need to sign up with a partner?

  • No. You will sign up as an individual and compete as an individual. But please encourage your friends / family to sign up too.