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Paddle Ultimateshot - Smash Pickleball Paddle


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    • USAPA tested and approved.
    • Professional lightweight pickleball paddle recommended for beginners & advanced players. Popular with tennis, badminton, table tennis, racquetball and squash players.
    • Material: Core- Polypropylene Honeycomb; Surface- Fiberglass.
    • Lightweight: between 7.3-8.3 oz.
    • Height 15.75”, Width 7.9”, Handle length 5.4” and Grip size 4.25”.

    Unique Design Oneshot Pickleball Ultimateshot paddle is designed with a long handle and a perfect balanced head shape for those players seeking to play pickleball with pure control.

    Weight Distribution Oneshot Pickleball Ultimateshot paddle distributes its weight equally throughout the handle and head giving players the opportunity to spin the ball more with less effort.

    Dropshot-Control Oneshot Pickleball Ultimateshot paddle has one of the longest handles in the market giving players the power to hit third-shot drops in the kitchen consistently.

    USAPA/IFP Approved Oneshot Pickleball Ultimateshot paddle can be utilized in any USAPA sanctioned tournament.

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