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Drop-In Spring Drills and Skills - 6-Week Package - Smash Pickleball Drop-In
Smash Pickleball

Spring Drills and Skills - 6-Week Package

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Join us weekly for our six-week consecutive Drills and Skills hour from Mar. 3rd - Apr. 14th at 3pm on Beacon Hill at the Jefferson Community Center.

Planning on coming to all of 6 sessions? Save $30 when you buy all 6 sessions at once in this package. Individual sessions are $20 each, so why not buy upfront and save!

This Drills and Skills hour is geared toward novice to intermediate players, learning better basic skills and strategy.

In order to elevate your pickleball game it is critical to practice shots over and over again. That is why we are putting on a six-week Drills and Skills hour where you can practice a new shot or new skill every week. Each week will have a different theme so you can practice something different each time you show up.

Here are the topics we will be covering each week:

  • Mar. 3rd - Serving & Return
  • Mar. 10th - Dink & Volley
  • Mar. 17th - Ground Strokes & Drop-shots
  • Mar. 24th - Lobs & Overheads
  • Apr. 7th - Court Positioning & Doubles Strategy
  • Apr. 14th - Putting it all together in game play

This is not private or small group coaching. This is a structured hour of non-stop drills that will be lead by Smash Pickleball staff, and you will have a chance to drill with your fellow community players. We will work on three to four drills, and if time and players allow, we might be able to play a game at the end.

All Sales Are Final. NO refunds or exchanges if you cannot make all six-weeks.

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