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Smash Pickleball League Guidelines

League Overview:

  • There are three divisions in the league created to match players of the same skillset together, based on self-determined skills levels.
  • The league is six-weeks long and you will play other doubles teams within your same division.
  • You play in doubles teams that have been pre-determined during registration.
  • The last week of play will be the championship matches in each division, based on your wins and losses for the season.
  • The league will follow the International Federation of Pickleball Rules, also found here:
  • Please be on time so you have a few minutes to warm-up and begin league play within 5 minutes of the start time.
  • There is a 10-minute grace period. If a full-team does not show up within 10 minutes of the official start time, that team forfeits.
  • Have fun, be courteous, & enjoy the friendly competition.

Game Play:

  • Your team plays for up-to fifty-five minutes.
  • A match consists of three games. If you run out of time, the team in the lead at the end of your time will win the final game.
  • The winning team is the team to win 2 of 3 games.
  • Indicated on the schedule is the team that serves first each week; you switch sides after every game. If there is an issue with sunlight or other distractions, you can decide if you want to switch sides after the first team scores 6 points.
  • First team to eleven points wins the game. You must win by two.
  • Score sheets will be provided to record your final scores for your first three games. It is important to record your scores accurately for the first three games whether you win or lose.
  • Play your third game even if you have won the first two, as ties for the final week will be based on a point differentiation. These points may be used to determine your ranking for the final/championship week.
  • Scores and rankings will be posted no later than 48 hours after play.
  • On the sixth week, you will play based on your final rankings to determine the final standings of your division.

 Self-Regulated Games:

  • Each court will be self-regulated by the players. Please do your best to ensure that you are calling balls in and out of bounds fairly.
  • Each team calls their own balls in or out on their own side of the court. If your team is unsure or did not see the ball, then the opponent gets the benefit of the doubt on the line calls made.
  • Line calls should be promptly signaled by hand or voice, regardless of how obvious they may be.
  • No player should question an opponent’s call unless. A player should ask the opponent’s opinion if the opponent was in a better position to see the call. An opponent’s opinion, if requested, should be accepted.
  • There will be a league manager onsite to handle any disputes or help with some games that might need assistance.
  • If you feel like one team or another is not calling balls fairly please contact the league manager to mediate and watch over the game. The league manager will have pickleball rules available if there are questions on calls.

 Substitutions and No Shows:

  • If a match is missed, it will not be made up.
  • You are responsible for your own substitutions if one of the players on your team cannot play. You must ensure you have someone to play on your team each week. Your substitution must be of roughly the same skill level as you, which also matches your division.
  • Please let the league managers know 24 hours prior to the game, if possible, of the name of person being substituted for.
  • If you cannot find anyone please contact the league manager 48 hours prior to the game to ensure all people can play.
  • If your team is a no show (you have not contacted your Smash Pickleball League Manager that you cannot play), you will forfeit your games that week and you may not be invited back to play in future Smash Pickleball leagues.

Division Movement:

  • If any teams win their division once, they may be asked to move up into a higher skilled division.
  • If any team wins their division twice they will have to move up into next higher skilled division if they choose to play in a future Smash Pickleball leagues.

Ranking Determination for Final Week:

  • Your team placement/ranking is based on your win/loss record for that season.
  • Everyone will play the final week to determine your final standings in your division.
  • If there is a two-way tie for wins and losses, then the team that has won during regular season play will be ranked higher than the team that lost.
  • If there is a multiple-way tie, ranking will be based on score differential for those teams in the tie. The score differential is based on the first three games recorded on the score sheets during regular play for the season. The team with the highest differential will be ranked the highest in the teams that have tied. The rest will be ranked in order of differential points.